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Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Plans
Emergency Operations Plans

Response LifeSafety creates site-specific emergency operations plans for all types and sizes of organizations.

Through consultation, review of existing plans and procedures and consideration of site-specific hazards, our plans meet or exceed regulatory requirements and set a sustainable foundation for effective emergency operations.

Response Team Management
Response Team Management

Response teams come in an array of types, sizes and abilities. Whether your group is a volunteer evacuation team, an Emergency Response Team (ERT), Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) or anything in between, we have you covered.

From team recruiting and planning to training and exercises, we provide organizations with comprehensive response team consultation.

ARK (Emergency Supply Caches)
ARK (Emergency Supply Caches) 

ARKs are large caches of disaster supplies and equipment, assembled specifically for the needs of any size business, school or home. Response LifeSafety determines emergency supply and equipment needs for every size of site and every type of team. We can recommend, customize and source the best equipment and supply solution for your organization.


ARKs typically include:

  • First aid and medical supplies

  • Shelter

  • Emergency food and water

  • Lighting and generators

  • Tools and equipment

  • Communications and electronics

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