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This 8-hour course provides combined training in Adult CPR and First Aid and teaches participants how to respond to sudden illness or injury while maintaining their personal safety. This training also includes real-life scenarios to provide participants with hand-on training.


The course covers:


  • CPR and rescue breathing for adults 

  • How to recognize obstructed airway emergencies and choking

  • Prevention and treatment of cardiopulmonary emergencies and stroke 

  • Education regarding bloodborne pathogens and the use of barrier devices

First Aid

  • How to recognize and respond to sudden illness or injury

  • How to prepare for medical emergencies

  • How to respond to head, neck and back injuries

  • How to control bleeding

  • How to treat victims for shock

  • Review of common emergency situations


Upon completion, participants receive a 2-year certification with certification card and an e-student workbook.

Combined CPR/First Aid

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